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Song samples from the musical

The Wind in the Willows.

Messing About In BoatsLiz Peterson

Messing about in boats,

Messing about in boats,

Nothing’s quite so pleasant as

Messing about in boats! ...

The Open RoadLiz Peterson

The open road, the hills, the hedges, the downs,

Hamlets, villages, cities, castles, and towns.

To sleep on a pine-needle rug

And to drink my tea from a mug,

And to ramble and roam every day,

Every night a new home. ...

Prison LifeLiz Peterson

Prison life is very hard,

The bread is stone, the butter is lard,

Your only friend is the prison guard.

For fun you walk the prison yard.

What to do? You fret and stew

And wish somebody else were you.

Prison life—your cell is just a stall,

It really isn’t any life at all.

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